28/04/2018 Chalice vs Emeralds

Chalice: 37

Emeralds: 24

With the full squad back in action, Chalice faced Emeralds at home on Saturday. With a strong and less shaky start in the first quarter compared to last week, Chalice worked hard with some great feeds from Emma C and Maisey WA into Sam GA and Holly GS , we saw the first quarter end with Chalice up by 1 goal, 8-7. 
No changes made in the second quarter and great play continued across the whole court, some brilliant stretches from Claire and Lindsay and support from Tiana as always. UNTIL the unexpected happened, Lindsay went down, managed to drag herself off the court and head to A&E. Tiana stepped up to GD, the versatile Emma Jones went to WD and Georgia came on at C. Brilliant shooting from both Sam and Holly allowed Chalice to gain a better lead of 18-12 allowing Emeralds to score only 5. 
With Emeralds chasing our tails in the third quarter, we saw Georgia and Maisey working the triangles and feeds into Sam and Holly. With Emma, Tiana and Claire intercepting and defending we ended the quarter 23-19. 
With a slight change for the fourth and final quarter, we saw Emma move to GA, Tiana back at WD and Lucy Baker come on at GD. Our best quarter, tight defence and strong interceptions from both Lucy and Claire. Shooting on point from both Holly and Emma we had a win of 37-24. POTM went to Emma/Claire and from the other team went to Emma

28/04/2018 Abbey vs Sharks

Abbey: 47

Sharks: 24
On Saturday Abbey set play their 2nd to last game of the season, against sharks, a team that we knew could bring anything to the court.
The first quarter started well, with steady passing and feeds into the circle from Anna Bishop and Tamzyn Chidley Abbey were looking strong but so were sharks! Abbey finished the first quarter with a 2 goal lead.
After finding their feet Abbey started to force errors into sharks play, with some fantastic defending from the Abbey trio Lucy Baker, Alli Evans and Lis Mckellar, gained some great interceptions and turnovers, which shooters quickly gained points from. Abbeys efforts were rewarded with an 8 goal lead by half time.
The third quarter saw sharks up their defending. Frustration was evident as accurate shooters Hayley Trotman and Kelly-marie Simpson continued to up the score. Rising frustration from sharks caused Kelly-marie Simpson to come off injured and Sophie Gould take to the court at GS.
The final quarter showed the fantastic team work and smooth play from a great Abbey team. Their lead quickly grew and sharks errors continued to affect their play. Abbey finished the game with a massive win of 47-24! Player from sharks went to Anna and from abbey went to Lis.

21/04/2018 Chalice vs Arrows

Chalice: 29
Arrows: 26
Chalice faced Arrows in the heat Saturday and what a game it was. 
Chalice started a little shaky but with some great defence from Lindsay Mundy, Claire Golding and Tan DM meaning the ball was allowed to travel down to Emma Jones and Holly Mae who put the shots in. First quarter 10-7 to Chalice.
Going into the second chalice knew they had to step up our game but with the heat beating down on us we all found it a challenge. But Maisey Durston and Georgia Shave kept their heads up. They both, including Emma threw some get balls into Holly who was holding her space well. Chalice kept their lead and finished the second 17-14 up!
The third was even harder and arrows fought their way back into the game. Lindsey and Claire continued to work hard. Claire kept her shooter pinned and Tan gained some excellent interceptions. Arrows pulled it back ending the third only 23-21 to Chalice.
The forth was hard and everyone dug deep to keep chalice ahead. Arrows kept the pressure on but the chalice fight burned deep!! Lindsey moved to GK and Claire came out at GD and the game was back on! Tan was their for back up, Georgie was fighting on and Maisey was putting the balls into the circle. Chalice ended the game 29-26!

21/04/2018 Abbey vs Tomahawks

Abbey: 58

Tomahawks: 46

Abbey knew that Tomahawks were going to be a tough game due them currently sitting second in the league.
With a fantastic 1st 1/4 which saw Kelly Simpson and Vikki Ferriday testing challenging feeds into shooter Sophie Gould. Fantastic shooting from Hayley Trotman saw Abbey take a comfy and steady 17-10 lead! Fantastic defending from Ali Evans and Lucy Baker meant Tomahawks made a few mistakes and struggled to shoot. Great interceptions from Lis Mckellar enabled plenty turnovers which we all capitalised on! The 3rd 1/4 saw their defence try and stop the great feeds to Sophie which was fine as Hayley was still shooting amazingly so all Abbey had to do was find her and that is what they did. The game ended 58-46 to Abbey! Player of the Match from both teams went to Lucy Baker. 

08/07/2018 Knights vs Vivary

Knights: 69

Vivary: 54

Knights ended their Regional league campaign with a convincing win against Taunton team, Vivary and finish the season placed 4th in Regional league 3 (South).

Knights knew this was going to be a challenging game, the opposition making their presence known from the first whistle, but this did not deter Knights from their game plan. From the start C Jade Perry and WA Vikki Ferriday linked well in the attack placing precise feeds in to GA Lauren Perry and GS Sophie Gould who were not phased by the physicality of the challenges they were facing. With precise shooting at either end of the court Vivary ended the first quarter with a 2-goal advantage. 16-18

The 2nd quarter saw Emily Fenner come on as WD moving Rachel Jean to C this changed the dynamics of the game and Knights began to take control. The defensive duo of Amy James at GK and Becs Travers GD were on top form, picking up valuable interceptions and rebounds. Knights came in at half time with a 34-31 lead

With Jade returning to court as C for the 3rd quarter, Rachel back to WD Knights continued to pull ahead. An injury time call by Vivary gave coach, Hazel Davidson, the earlier than planned opportunity to introduce Emily back in to the game this time as GK, this gave Travs a bit of a surprise as she hadn’t noticed the change until play recommenced!!! But they were soon back on it and the quarter ended with Knights extending their lead 53-40.

Knights continued to pull ahead in the final quarter ending the game 69-54.

POM from Vivary went to Jade and from Knights Amy who had a great game against a very good GS.

Many thanks to Anna Bishop for being our super sub today and to our supporters for coming along you were very much appreciated.

07/04/2018 Chalice vs Tudor

Chalice: 19

Tudor: 29

Chalice travelled to Taunton to face Tudor who are second in the league. Knowing we lost by 1 last time we played them, and that being the only game we had lost, we knew it was gunna be a tough game.
First quarter took a while to settle in with everyone getting used to their opposition. With the defence of Lindsay and Clare getting great interceptions and support up court from Tan we managed to keep it tight and being to settle. Emma and Sam shooting well it ended 7-7.
The second quarter seen Chalice settle down and start putting great play together. Their extra long armed defence worked hard to try and keep us out but with short bounced feeds or the ‘quick front ball’ from Georgia and Maisey the feeds were turned into goals. At half time it was still a draw, 13-13.
Third quarter was a hard quarter with Tudor out to make a difference. There was great battle in centre court from Tan Georgia and Maisey. Tudor defence stood hard making it difficult for Emma and Sam to break through but still managing to sneak in the gaps. Linds and Claire battled hard to try keep them out of the circle with great communication and tips. Tudor pulled ahead ending the quarter 21-17.
Super sub Leanne came on as GS in the last quarter to try add some height in the shooting circle and to try help out the feeds. Tudor defensive arms were still everywhere making it difficult for Chalice. They didnt seem to tire and pushed us hard.
The game ended 29-19 to Tudor.
Thank you to Leanne and Adele for reserving, Fezla for umpiring, and all supporters. Player of the match from both teams went to Tan DM.

Chalice now have a close finish to the season to hold 1st place, any support in our final games will be much appreciated!!

07/04/2018 Avalon vs Quantock

Avalon: 47

Quantock: 48

Avalon took on quantock away wanting to get the win which we narrowly missed out on last time. We started the game really well with great shooting from Erin Baker and Lisa King (who only missed one all game!). We played some lovely netball yesterday, Adele Ray Creed and Ella Trebble-Westlake picking balls out of the circle easily and bringing it down through me, Kathy and Bec. We ended the first half 9 up at 19-28! 
Quantock came back fighting in the second half, and their shooters hardly missed. We brought on Claire Dickens in the final quarter.  We ended the game 48-47 to quantock. Such a narrow defeat, but we played some great netball! Player went to me from us and Ella from the other team. Thank you to Claire for playing, Hazel Davidson for umpiring and all the supporters who came to watch. Onto the next game, lets make it a win!!

17/03/2018 Avalon vs Hendford

Avalon: 44

Hendford: 34

Avalon were at home and inside out the cold❄️
We were to play Hendford and had to be bold
‘Captain’ King motivated us with an inspirational speech📢
She made it clear, a win was well within our reach.

The first quarter started with both teams passing well, 
Everyone gave it their all and the team began to gel.
Claire ‘The Chair’ fed accurate balls into Erin ‘The Selector’,
You can’t but be impressed and we all, so respect her 🙌.
The quarter was over and the score 11-10 down.
We were working so hard, we may have had a frown 😞.

The second saw Hendford try to feed to their shooter,
Ella ‘The Defender’ was on fire 🔥and stole the ball like a ‘looter’.
The team was playing well and at half time were 20-19 up,
‘Captain’ King had a think🤔, but decided to keep the same line-up.

The third saw an upsurge with polygons galore,
Quadrilaterals 🔶 were our favourite- but triangles were used more🔻.
Becky marked her player out of the game,
She dodged, passed and fed -‘awesomes’ her name.
Erin and Lisa were ‘en pointe’ and couldn’t not score! 
Hendford struggled with the defence, the score 35-24 👍🏼.

Lady Page 👸🏼 did her usual and is an inspiration to all,
She played a blinder throughout and was born to play netball.
The final whistle went and we won 44-34,
Everyone agreed we couldn’t have given any more 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

Thanks to all the supporters who cheered us on yesterday, 
And a huge thank-you to our marvellous umpire Ferriday!
Ella ‘The Defender’ got our vote and Claire ‘The Chair’ from Hendford ,👏🏼

17/03/2018 Thorns vs Newbarn

Thorns: 31

Newbarn: 53

on Saturday Thorns faced rivals Newbarn for a somewhat fast and furious match. The game started well for Newbarn who got some early turnovers to take the lead but as Thorns settled, some good linking play from Emily Janeat WD and Rosa Fryer at C got the ball down the court and into the circle. The first quarter finished 7-14.

The second quarter saw some fantastic play with great interceptions from Bethy Morgan at GK and Millie Oaten in defence. Great feeds from Rosa and Harriet Dilliway found Ella Kippax and Hayley Trotman who were both on fire this quarter, not missing a shot between them. Still Newbarn were equally strong and they maintained the gap at half time, leading 19-26.

The third quarter saw some changes with Emily moving to centre, rosa to WA and me to WD. After a number of “collisions” with my opposite player I was not in the best mood at the end of the quarter but the rest of the team were fantastic keeping heads up and digging deep to challenge Newbarn across the court. With the shooting at both ends on fire, newbarn were just that much quicker to find loose balls and capitalise on our mistake and keep the ball in their third and this saw them take a much bigger lead ending the quarter 25-40.

The final quarter saw Emily move back to WD and with great support from Millie we were able to push hard to try and close the gap. Once again Ella and Hayley linked fantastically with Ella also playing brilliantly defensively to get some interceptions. However, Newbarn were just too strong on this occasion and they finished the match winning 53-31.

Player of the match went to Ella from Thorns and to Rosa from the opposition, very well deserved.

17/03/2018 Chalice vs Brendon

Chalice: 32

Brendon: 13

Chalice faced the blizzard 🌨🌬yesterday morning and travelled to Taunton Vale to play Brendon for the second time. 
Despite two of our players away and Baltic conditions, chalice were still raring to go and aiming for another win to stay stop of the table. 🏆
The first quarter saw strong defence from Holly Mae and Claire Golding in the circle, tight and consistent interceptions allowing Brendon to only score 4 goals in comparison with our 11 goals. 🏐
The second quarter saw some great goals from Samantha Smith and Leanne Wilson working well in the D. Emma Jones and Maisey continued to feed in with great support from Tan DM WD. The half time score was now 16-8 and all turning slightly blue due to the cold. 
With a short break ready for the third quarter, we saw Rosa Fryer take to the court with a chilly but fresh pair of legs. 👯‍♀️ Both Rosa and Emma continued giving some lovely short sharp feeds into Leanne and Sam and Chalice started to settle more now. We also saw Claire take her debut as WD and Tiana to GD- both versatile as ever. Defence from Holly and Tiana was so strong and tight on, Brendon only got away with scoring one goal!!! Chalice on the other hand managed 10! 💪🏼💪🏼 With the end in sight we saw a change of Maisey at WD in the last quarter and Claire moving back to GD. We continued to fight despite our fingers freezing, Holly and Claire tight in defence, strong feeds from Rosa and Emma, support up the court from Maisey and worldies from Sam and Leanne we ended the game with an amazing score of 32-13 . Player of the match went to Holly and to Tiana from the other team.